The Beginning—Take 2

Romantic London

I know what you’re thinking. If you’ve been following me along my blogging journey you’ll notice I haven’t posted in so long! And if you haven’t, well I welcome you to what I hope will be a regular blogging experience that I can fit into my work-life integration system.

I think one of the reasons it’s taken me so long to get back into things is because I’ve been limiting myself, topic-wise. If you’ve ever blogged before then maybe you’ve also felt that same ‘I’m-not-completely-sure-what-my-brand-is’ feeling.

I’ve been taking social media courses over the past few months that have really helped me identify my interests and what kind of “different” perspective I can provide.

In the current world we live in, finding out what your unique traits are is crucial. There’s a fine line between admiration and imitation of those we find inspiring, which is something I’ve been thinking about recently.

I used to think that there was an exact science to creating the perfect website—you get that streamlined, modern design (which often comes at a price), promote throughout different channels and provide continuously spectacular content.

I’ve decided to take a more organic approach and see where I wind up. Blogging is supposed to be fun, right? And I really do love this writing style. Expect spontaneity if you do continue to read any of my future writing, because it feels more like an adventure when I step back and let the words flow—plans be damned.

SIDE NOTE: I am still interning in London, England (for PR) this fall (2016). I am excited about this new chapter and will share my thoughts along the way! (This isn’t a plan, though). 😉

Have any of you ever prolonged writing because of that ‘all-or-nothing’ mindset?

Plans for 2016

Anyone who’s been keeping up with my posts since the beginning might notice that I’ve been quite absent over the past few months! Well, let me tell you, I’m back. I’ve been keeping myself very busy with working full-time, taking online social media courses, volunteering with my university’s alumni association as a Social Media Officer, and developing my Twitter profile. I am officially accepted into an internship program for public relations in London, England for the fall, and I have many exciting things planned over the next few months.

Let me start by out by outlining what I intend to do with this blogging platform:

  • Create fashion/beauty/lifestyle posts every Tuesday
  • Create travel posts every Thursday
  • Post occasional updates on anything else happening in my life (on Saturdays, perhaps?)

I have always possessed a particular aesthetic for images, products and scenery. I enjoy collecting and storing these things in a database, and different media networks allow me to do so. I have also always wanted to travel abroad, and I am greatly looking forward to getting this chance come September. I plan on posting any travel tips I come across, along with stunning photos that other travellers have taken along their own journeys.

I will be creating content by next week, so hopefully by February I am posting regularly! I also plan on developing my Pinterest account and my Instagram account. My Twitter page is devoted to fashion, beauty, media, and travel; essentially, it’s the micro-version of my ideas for this network. For my Instagram, I plan on fully committing to a white theme comprised of mostly fashion and beauty photography. I will provide links to them here when I feel they are worthy…

Lastly, I hope to use both this network and my others to get to know other bloggers interested in these same areas of focus. From social media to fashion and travel, there are endless avenues to pursue that are all equally beautiful and exciting.

Any beauty/fashion/lifestyle or travel bloggers out there have any tips? How did you start blogging? I’d love to hear in the comments!