Travelling Aspirations

So, as per usual, my poor sleeping habits have left me to wander the Internet until the early hours of the morning these past few days. Aside from the tinge of grumpiness experienced at work with 8 a.m. starts, I’ve had quite a nice time. I have been extremely preoccupied with travelling and whether I will have enough cash saved up over the next year to finance what I want to do. Since I want to go to London, I was looking at nearby countries that I could possibly take a train ride over and experience for the weekend.

This lead to a long and effortful search, comparing prices for different days of the month in different cities to see where I could feasibly go that was affordable. France, Belgium, and Switzerland ended up being my final three choices, although Amsterdam would be really cool too if I could find a cheaper way of getting there. My top two, if I only had time for two places outside the UK, would be Paris, France and Bern, Switzerland. I haven’t done too much research into Switzerland yet, but it does look beautiful and I know some basic German to get around.

Paris, on the other hand, I never thought I would want to visit. But some of the museums there look absolutely stunning and worthy of investigation. I also know a little French, though I’m sure I could brush up a bit on it if I did decide to go. In particular, The Louvre and the Palace of Versailles really caught my attention. I would also have to take the traditional self portrait at the Eiffel Tower, which is a 10 minute ride from The Louvre. It seems you can also get something called a Paris Pass which allows you entry into many attractions and local busses.

The Louvre – Interior
The Louvre – Exterior
Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 10.33.27 PM
Palace of Versailles – Interior
The Gardens of Versailles

Of course there are many things I want to check out in England as well, like the Bram Stoker Film Festival in Whitby, Yorkshire and the Warner Brothers Studio Tour in London. 221b Baker Street is also another must for my inner-geek who adores Sherlock Holmes. I also need to see the British Library in London, just to have something to aspire to with my current ever-growing collection of books. Additionally, I want to walk through the grounds of Oxford University, as the architecture is quite stunning.

3968012    Oxford-University4

I really hope that I get to travel next year. Some people may think it’s a waste of money, but I figure now is the best time to get out of my comfort zone and experience some new things on my own.