From Fashion to High Tea – Tea & Tiaras Event

What does one think of when imagining high tea? How about proper English fellows in their fancy clothes, or muted pastels lingering upon tiny decorations, a sense of high-class Britishness you couldn’t exactly put your finger on—and perhaps cucumber sandwiches (with the crusts cut off).

The disdain for crusts will never cease to amuse me, but one thing I can say is that the passion and flair for high tea exceeds expectations and is known around the world as a function of luxury and charm.

I have been back in Ottawa, Ontario (from London, UK) for over a year now and can say that I have finally acclimated to my Canadian-hybrid life here. Once you get back into the groove of working and (trying) to maintain a social life, things slowly start falling back into place.

I’ve been working in between a blend of marketing/communications and events with some work in a shoe boutique on the side; and find that I’m getting a good mix of what I loved back in London with all of the glitz and glamour of fashion shows and the hectic nature of the events world that so heavily saturated London there was even an app to book job placements all around the city.

With the population contrast of 8.9 million to 994,800; the London to Ottawa ratio drastically emphasizes the lessened demand for such technology.

But what a pleasant surprise to be working a high tea event along with a fashion show here in my city!

The proceeds from this charity event would be going to the Starlight Foundation, an organization that helps children with chronic and terminal illnesses.

Starlight ambassador, 5-year-old Madison, who lives with cerebral palsy and nephrotic syndrome, designed a cute ‘Super Bear’ – a stuffed animal with a cape to show how she is her family’s very own super hero in dealing with her own obstacles life has given her.

 I had the pleasure of meeting her at her station – confidently owning the place with her bears! You can read more on her story here.

I also got to do some photography which has always been a passion of mine. Bringing back the creative aspects really got me thinking that this city does have some cool events and I do love to get to be a part of that, especially when they take on some international influences in design. 

Along the event I photographed some of the models – you can check out content creator and stylist Ornella Kondo as well as stylist and marketing maven Melissa Guenette

I would definitely like to go to more events related to other countries, and look forward to what’s to come in terms of content. 

What kind of events draw your attention in your city? What about when travelling abroad? Would you ever consider going to events while knowing no one? Let me know! It’s definitely all part of the adventure.

Madison & the Super Bears
Ornella Kondo

Melissa Guenette
Feel like royal-tea

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