Windsor Castle in the Fall


There’s nothing like spending the day in Windsor to freshen up your perspective on life. That’s where I found myself last Saturday with my intern group: the magical grounds surrounding Windsor Castle.

We started out by taking an express train from Paddington station—it was around 30 minutes before we were in Windsor which was quite fast!

We had a lovely tour guide who took us around the grounds and told us the history behind parts of the Castle’s exterior and interior.

You aren’t allowed taking pictures inside, but there were beautiful paintings lining the walls and in some rooms, the entire ceiling was a painting.

It reminded me of when I went to Buckingham Palace, and funnily enough, both then and during Windsor Castle were exhibits of the Queen’s wardrobe. It was neat! The dresses were different during both exhibitions.

Afterward, we checked out the areas around Windsor Castle. We went to Eaton College, saw some swans, had some ice cream and then made our way back to London.

The calmer atmosphere compared to Zone 1 in London was a joy to experience. Have any of you been to Windsor? What did you think? I’d love to hear!

More photos:


Gargoyle attached to Eton College


The oldest building left standing in Windsor


The raised flag means the Queen is in!


Windsor Library


3 thoughts on “Windsor Castle in the Fall

  1. I am incredibly jealous right now- the palace wasn’t open to visitors when I visited! AND we had planned the entire trip around being able to visit because the Queen’s schedule had her away from Windsor and then she changed her mind two weeks prior. Sigh. I still found it beautiful, though!! You are right, it is much more peaceful and calm than anywhere in London, and I can see how it is an escape of sorts for the Royal Family. The gardens still look beautiful, even though it’s autumn! I was there in the spring, so it looked a tad bit more green: Fantastic post, cheers 🙂


    1. Wow! The garden looks amazing in your photos! Love how they cut the grass as well. We also walked by the Duchess of Cambridge! Quite funny to see. That is unfortunate that the palace wasn’t open when you went, it was very royal-feeling. It was a great escape for the day!

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