T Minus 10 Days | Travel

So there are only 10 days left until I leave the country (Canada) over to London (UK)! I work every day until right before I leave, and yet I still have so much to do!

Figure out how to unlock my iPhone while still on contract, talk to my bank, buy luggage necessities, meet up with friends—the list goes on!

I’ve never flown before, so I’m also getting  nervous about all of that, especially navigating my way through airport security and baggage checking/claiming.

I have a track record of always getting lost amidst the chaos (like Toronto when I visit) which is terrifying when you’re by yourself and especially when you don’t have access to wifi.

Google can’t always come to the rescue! I guess that’s what paper maps are for?

If any of you have any flying tips, don’t be shy! I have a layover in Toronto (I’m flying from Ottawa) and I don’t even know what goes on with my checked luggage. As long as I make it on the second plane with everything intact (including my sanity), all should be good!

Wish me luck. xx

5 thoughts on “T Minus 10 Days | Travel

  1. It’s almost time to go! I think I’m as excited as you are. Haha.

    Been flying for 17 years, so here are some tips. Bring a snack or meal, because most airlines serve crap and make you pay high prices for the good stuff. Keep a very close eye on your passport at all times. Never leave your luggage lying around. Make friends with passengers. Those by me were always friendly. Bring entertainment – tablet, laptop etc.

    I had an ex whose advice for long flights was to stay up as late as possible the night before and get wasted. His logic? You’re so tired, you’ll sleep through the whole flight.


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