The Compulsive Need To Do “More” | Anxiety

I had a different idea in mind for today’s blog post. But after feeling anxious in general all day, followed by watching Charlie McDonnell’s YouTube video on anxiety also posted today, I decided to write about what was really on my mind.

I have always felt the need to do more. Pick up more shifts, create more content, learn more skills, adopt more hobbies, work out regularly—pretty much, fill up my schedule to the hour.

Dont get me wrong—I love to be busy! I live off adrenaline and caffeine, and most of the time I adapt great. But continuing without breaks (including from the online world) can be detrimental, at least for me.

During university I would sleep 3-6 hours per night, but have one day per week for a sleep-binge of usually 14-16 hours. This isn’t even too healthy of a sleep schedule, but now I regularly get 3-6 hours per night with no recharge!

With the need to fit more into each day that is considered too much by others’ standards—why do we do this?—we leave ourselves to burnout.

The main thing that helps with workaholic anxiety: Perspective

I met someone new today who told me after hearing a bit about what I do, that it sounds like I actually do a lot. Coming from friends, this usually goes over my head, but from a stranger, my perspective shifted.

There is a reason to be anxious when your mind is never at rest. This type of anxiety of I should do more isn’t the best mentality when you only create more anxiety for not having done what you set out to do. Then the feeling grows until you stare at a wall for an hour. Fun times, right?

Let me know if any of you have experience with putting a lot on your plate! I’d love to hear any tips or general comments. Seriously.



2 thoughts on “The Compulsive Need To Do “More” | Anxiety

  1. I can relate! I always have the “never enough” feeling. I’m a perfectionist in every aspect of my life to the point where perfect isn’t even good enough. An epiphany moment for me was when my therapist asked me, “What is enough, describe what good enough means?”


    1. I’m glad I’m not the only one! Yeah, that is quite an abstract concept when you really think about it. Constantly aiming higher forever! Same with perfectionism – I could get perfect grades and still not feel satisfied. You expect the earth to move when you reach perfect! Thanks for the comment!

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